Terms & Conditions

Subscription Terms & Conditions 1 Month, 6 Month, 12 Month – Effective 25th of November 2019:

By subscribing to The Big Issue magazine you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Big Issue will supply magazines to your nominated delivery address in accordance with the length of subscription you have purchased:
  • 1 month subscription – 2 magazines;
  • 6 month subscription – 12 magazines; or
  • 12 month subscription – 25 magazines.

Magazines will be delivered on a fortnightly basis (subject to clause 4 below), in accordance with each new edition released by The Big Issue.

  1. The total subscription price will be in accordance with the length of subscription you have purchased:
  • 1 month subscription – $15.00
  • 6 month subscription – $90.00
  • 12 month subscription – $180.00

All prices are GST inclusive.

  1. You are responsible for providing correct and accurate delivery details for the postage of the magazines throughout the duration of your subscription and must notify The Big Issue if any of your details change, using the contact details set out in clause 6 below.  The Big Issue is not liable for any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of errors that you make when providing your delivery address to us or any failure by you to notify The Big Issue of any changes to your delivery address.
  2. Please allow up to 4 weeks for the delivery of the first magazine of your new subscription.  Subsequent magazines will be delivered within Australia during the “on sale” dates printed on the cover of each edition of the magazine and contained on The Big Issue website.  Please do not hesitate to contact The Big Issue if you have not received your subscription within these “on sale” dates.
  3. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the completion of your applicable subscription term, unless you notify us that you do not wish to renew the subscription term in accordance with this clause 5.  We will provide you with an automatic renewal notice to your delivery address prior to the completion of your existing subscription.  For renewals, the same subscription price will be charged to the credit card you used for your initial subscription, unless you notify us that your credit card details have changed. If we are unable to process your renewal payment for any reason, we will notify you and suspend delivery of subscriptions until your payment is able to be processed. You may advise us of your intention not to renew your subscription in the following ways:
  1. By ticking the ‘please do not automatically renew my subscription’ box on the subscription form at the time of purchasing your initial subscription;
  2. By taking the specified action when you receive the automatic renewal notice prior to the completion of your existing subscription; or
  • By cancelling your applicable subscription period using the contact details as described in clause 6 below.
  1. If you want to cancel your subscription, notify us of any changes to your delivery address, or advise us that you do not wish to automatically renew your subscription at the end of the applicable subscription term, you can do so at any time using the following contact details:

The Big Issue

GPO Box 4911
Victoria 3001



  1. Where you cancel your subscription prior to the end of the applicable subscription term, you will receive a refund for the magazines that we have not yet sent to you (with each magazine valued at $7.50 including GST). Your refund will be paid to the credit card used to purchase the original subscription. If the credit card is no longer valid (eg, it has expired) a cheque payment will be issued. The cheque will be sent to the most recent delivery address that you have provided to The Big Issue. Please note that it takes up to 5 days to process a subscription cancellation so, depending on the timing of your cancellation request, you may receive one additional magazine after you send a cancellation request and this additional magazine will be included in the calculation of your refund as a magazine sent (that is, you will not receive a refund for this additional magazine). A reasonable administration fee may also be charged and deducted from your refund to cover any credit card fees for processing the refund or for posting a refund cheque.
  2. These subscription terms and conditions shall be governed exclusively by the laws of Victoria, and the Courts of Victoria shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to determine any matters relating to these subscription terms and conditions.
  3. You provide your consent to the receipt of emails, direct mail and telephone calls from The Big Issue directly relating to your subscription and the Women’s Subscription Enterprise.
  4. These subscription terms and conditions may be modified from time to time. Any changes to the total subscription price (subscription price or delivery charges) shown in clause 2 from time to time will only become applicable to existing subscribers upon renewal of their subscription. Any changes to the subscription terms and conditions will be shown on our website, together with the date on which the new terms and conditions become effective. If you do not accept the changes to the terms and conditions, you may notify us and cancel your subscription in accordance with clause 5.
  5. You declare that you are over 18 years of age, or if you are not over 18 years of age that you have parental consent to make this subscription purchase.
  6. Any personal information that you provide to us for the purposes of this subscription (including your name, contact details, delivery address and payment details) will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy, available online here: https://www.thebigissue.org.au/Data/resources/Big%20Issue%20Privacy%20Policy%20-%20Update%20(06%2006%2013).pdf